Monday, March 27, 2006


I haven't been adding anything to Noberalice recently. Its because Noah moved to Portland with his lady friend. I should make an effort to get my hands on some of his latest work because I'm sure its great. I have the original of this picture hanging on my wall.

I think it's fantastic (and sexy). Noah produced a lot of these Porn Scenes on Classified Ads while he was in Portland in 2003-2004. I had the pleasure of visiting with my boys there in February of '04. It was incredible what they had done to the apartment where they were living at the time. There was so much artwork scattered around everywhere I would step in it.

Click the image to see some of the other photos from that trip that I recently uploaded to flickr. I'll be sure to post when I find some new goods from Noah.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Clock Lady

I don't even like Howard Stern. I'm glad he doesn't really participate in this funny bit involving a chinese lady who can't say the word clock from Hot Sauce.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Music

I love checking out new music, even if it's only new to me. My eMusic monthly downloads were just replenished so I "went to town" yesterday. Also, I may or may not have accessed some of my friend Jeff's files via AOL Instant Messenger's file sharing service.
I'm keeping my finger on the pulse of the online community of indie rock lovers. This is some stuff I've been checking out.

Jets to Brazil
- Nice melodies, a little bit "whiny singer/songwriter" for my taste. It works as background music for me.

The Expendables - From Jeff. I'm just starting to listen to it and it is sounding really good. I've been really looking for some cool Reggae. For some reason it sounds a little more original than...

Pepper - From Jeff also. Funny and catchy Reggae tunes. Sometimes it sounds A LOT like Sublime, but hey, someone has to sound like Sublime.

Matisyahu - I got "Youth" from Jeff. I know I'm way behind on this guy. I like it a lot.

Arcade Fire - Critically acclaimed Indy Rockers. The album "Funeral" is getting better with every listen.

The Clientele - They play with Spoon and are on the same record label. Its a little soft for me, but soft rock can grow on me over time.

Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Unfortunately named, they know how to rock. I want to check out more.

The Fall - It seems as though they may have come out with hundreds of albums since the '70s when they formed. I got "Boxoctosis" and I want to hear more. I wonder if they have a "best of" album...

!!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk maybe?) Innovative electronica. I don't know much about this kind of music but this sounds good. I got the song "There's No Fucking Rules Dude" for free from Epitonic.

Neutral Milk Hotel - After checking these guys out, I read some user reviews on and I was struck by this one written by user 78705...
Taste it...NOW!
"Never reviewed anything in my life, but I implore you,"Download now!" Stop taking your medication (that step is important). Let all those crazy effed up feelings start to creep back into your life. Relish your defects. Break it off with that girl/guy; you know it's not going anywhere. Spread all those unpaid bills out before you...breathe it in. Take a long look in the mirror: not what you'd thought you'd become, but not so bad either, right? Buy a bag, load your one hitter. Dump album to iPod. Find 50 cents, and get on the bus. That's right, a bus. Take a long hard look at your surroundings...your neighbors, your town. Plug into this album and realize why movies and books will never again change your life. Everything so far has been a prelude to this moment. I know it sound deep in a really retarded, 'I'm totally a psych frosh' way, but it works... and that's the beauty. Also try PBR tallboys and People's Court."

Pedro the Lion - Good stuff. I downloaded one song called "I Do" and I think I'll check out some more tracks.

I grabbed a couple extra Spoon songs that weren't on the original 6 albums that I downloaded. "Don't Buy the Realistic" and "Tefamon Bridge" both exceeded my high expectations for the band. In case you don't know Spoon too well, start with albums "Gimme Fiction" and "Kill the Moonlight" and you might just get hooked.

I want to check out some more Iggy Pop. I stumbled upon his album "Brick by Brick" when I was younger and I still love it. For some reason I never explored any of his other solo work or collaborations with The Stooges. I think a good place to start would be the recent "best of" album, Nude and Rude.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Milk Replacer

My friend Arlo is quite a poet. You can buy his book at Powells
. Here's a Sample for Ya...

Because You’re not Supposed to Write About the Moon

The moon is a neon globe in a child’s hands,
a slow motion bullet, a hand grenade fired by god
during genesis that threatens wooden skies and ashes
of highways, a temporary eye to splash change
on our canvas which is snow.

We are boys in this dream smoking cigarettes and
drinking mountain dew.I shove your hands in my pockets
and you bury mine in the snow.Every few seconds the
moon dreams this white field into a baseball diamond

and we are kicking up cold dust and slashing bats
through the smoky chests of our rivals.When I remember
this later we’ll be rolling each otherin winter’s soft
teeth like snow angel cigarettes until dawn.

Through the window a grey claw, jaundiced headlights
scratching the skyline. We are yellow nails on gray
fingers, choosing to drive through this, our future
sheets of paved fog, a gray sky gray road gray tongues
and gray words ahead.

We are still drinking soda, folding maps into paper
airplanes,blurring the borders of anytown new England,
sending them out the window to crash and freeze.
Three years later, home still fades into the fog

into the last cigarette and now the typewriter chiming

misspelled bullets and frozen snow globes. You left me
here years ago to invent this night alone and you are
shattering inside my head. What should I say?

The fog fakes your figure into smoke and I’ve escaped
from every photograph? That the snow is just dust
disguising a different past? If not why have I spent
all day revising an empty pasture and filling
your footprints with leftover moonlight?



Check out this cool website called Panoramio.

You can upload pictures to specific places on the google maps. I've posted a couple. It will be great if it catches on. There are already lots of pictures posted. Its fun to look around. I love collaborative projects like this. I'm going to keep posting images.

Check out this picture from Sweden.

Or this one from Algeria.

It makes mine from Breckenridge, CO seem boring.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Originally uploaded by AcdBulls.
Theres more room on that baby. How much does a 2x2" ad cost?