Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sneak Preview of new Noberalice

We've got quite a teaser on our hands here. Here are the little mini shots I have of Noah's latest projects. I am anxiously awaiting some full scale high res images. As soon as I have them I will let you know and post them on

If only I was in the CSI: Las Vegas crime lab, I could blow these up to full size and they would be crisp and clean. I gotta get their computer program. Enhance (previous post)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tour De France is coming

From the Official Page:
Running from Saturday July 1st to Sunday July 23th 2006, the 93rd Tour de France will be made up of a prologue and 20 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,600 kilometres.

It is a bit premature to post on it already but I'm excited because I finally have a DVR to record and fast forward the footage. It will be a closer race now that Lance is not competing.

You can always catch up on the race on the OLN cable channel.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Eggers - Velocity

Wow, I just finished You Shall Know Our Velocity by David Eggers. Great book. Great to see that he can write fiction as well as non-fiction. His last book, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genious, was a memoir, and he describes with excruciating detail how (mostly) accurate that account is. In Y.S.K.O.V. there is just as much real emotion described vividly and creatively. It really resembled another memoir with Eggers assuming a completely different identity. Enough about that, my purpose is not to write a book report or a review.

After completing the book, I found myself thirsting for knowledge about David Eggers. I actually doubted the veracity of H.W.O.S.G. since I had learned what an exceptional liar (fiction writer) he was. It sounds like it was as true as he claims. You should check out this particular interview that was very interesting.


The link is to a transcript of emailed interview questions written by Saadi Soudavar of the Harvard Advocate. Eggers responds by incisively criticising the critic, though he admits to being like that only worse when he was younger.
If you're short on time, scroll down to Eggers's rant on "Selling Out." It is no doubt something we all spend time thinking about. Which artists are "selling out" and which are "keeping it real?" Eggers provides some great insight here and eloquently describes and solidifies vague notions that I had floating around in my head. He's right. I can't wait to check out an issue of McSweeney's Quarterly Concern and see what that's all about.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Ted Leo - Since You've been Gone

In case you haven't heard about it, Ted Leo does a great cover of Since You've been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. has a streaming video of it here.

Dennis told me about it the other day. It actually renewed my love for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. I have been rocking out to the Shake the Sheets album lately.